• Every year each Club & Society (that has been in existence over a year and is not political or religious) can apply to the SU to get a grant.

  • We have a limited number of funds to pay out but even the smallest amount can assist in the development of your Club/Society.

  • The grant application process is opened in mid-September and closes in mid-October, you will be informed of the exact dates via the clubs and societies committee members’ mailing list.

  • Once the application process closes the grant applications that have been submitted on time will be assessed by the Clubs & Societies Grant allocation Committee.

Top Tips for Applying for a Grant

  1. Read the form carefully – Make sure you have read what each section of the application asks you specifically and answer it as best you can.

  2. Work Together – All your committee should have input into the process and be happy with your Club/Society’s final submission.

  3. Be Clear and Accurate – Be as clear as you can when highlighting all your Club/Society’s good work. Use bullet points or numbering to allow us to see clearly what you have done or plan to do. For the financial part of the application make sure your figures are correct.

  4. Sell Yourself – Don’t be afraid to highlight your real need for the grant. Allow us to help you out by highlighting specific projects you plan to do and real benefits to your members.

  5. Don’t be afraid to Ask – If you have any problem with the application process, don’t be afraid to contact anyone from the Clubs and Societies team. If it is issues with Finance then call up to the Clubs and Societies Finance Office on the 2nd floor of the Students’ Union and speak to someone.

  6. Get it in on Time – Make sure you fill out the application in good time and have it ready to email before the deadline. We will send out a confirmation email to those we have received the grant application form.

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