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Using the online admin system - MSL

Registered committee members have access to the online admin system for Clubs and Societies.

You can log in to the system at using the Student Login button. This will take you through the normal Queen's login process where you should log in using your student details.

Do not attempt to log in using your Club / Society login details, and do not use the Guest / Staff login boxes. 

Once you're logged in, click on the Admin drop-down menu which appears at the top of the screen. From here, click on your Club / Society to access your Admin Tools section.

You can do all kinds of things through your Admin Tools - so get exploring! Remember that if you ever get stuck or think you've made a mistake - don't panic. The Clubs and Societies staff can click in and help or fix most things!

Some detailed guidance from the system provider is below. If you're still not sure after checking the links below, just let us know:

We will be introducing more functionality to the system each semester, so keep an eye on your Club / Society inboxes for more info.

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