Keeping Your Club/Society Active

Your Membership List

It’s extremely important for your Club/Society to keep an accurate record of your membership. This should be maintained through the year as members join or leave, and you should let the SU know of any updates. You can use an Excel spreadsheet (or equivalent) to keep this list - but make sure it's password protected!

Remember to include your committee members on your overall Membership List, even if they've already signed up online as committee members.


You can now use the Members section of your Club / Society Admin Tools on the MSL system to directly contact your committee, your Student Members, and your Student sign-ups (either individually or as groups). Just check out the guidance here. This means you don't necessarily need to keep a separate mailing list, as everyone's email addresses are already held within the system.

Remember that students enrolled at INTO, St Mary's, and Stranmillis are categorised as Associate Members. They are not able to log in via the SU website to sign-up to Clubs and Societies. Instead, they should email committees directly to express their interest in joining.

Your membership list should record:

For Student Members:


Student ID Number

For Associate (non-Queen's student) Members:


Contact Email Address

Aged 18+? (record as Yes or No)

So for example:


Member Name

Student ID

Debating Society

Joan Smith


Remember that the personal data held in your membership list must be kept safe and secure at all times, and only ever used for the explicit reason it was collected. Only collect personal information that you need, and make sure to read our guidance on Data Protection very carefully.

You must inform the Clubs and Societies team if your Club/Society has any members under the age of 18.