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Keeping Your Club/Society Active

Your Membership List

It’s extremely important for your Club or Society to keep an accurate record of your membership each academic year. You should use the online admin system to record and contact your members.

  • Who can join as a Member?

Students and non-students can join your Club or Society. Any member who is not a currently registered student at Queen's is called an Associate Member. Students enrolled at INTO, St Mary's and Stranmillis are also categorised as Associate Members.

  • Do people have to pay a membership fee to become a Member?

This is for your committee to decide at the start of each academic year. You can choose whether or not to charge a fee. Whatever you decide, you must apply it equally to all members and keep it consistent for the full academic year. You can't let some people join for free and ask some to pay - it must be the same for everyone.

If you do a charge a membership fee, it must be at least £3 for the year and the income must be lodged promptly at the SU Finance Office.

You can set different fees for Student Members and Associate Members if you would like to.

Committee members should also pay the membership fee if your Club or Society charges one.

  • How do you update your Membership List?

You should use the online admin system to maintain your Membership List. To do so, simply log in following the guidance here. From your Admin Tools, click on Groups and then select Standard Membership. Click Add Members and enter your Members' student numbers (one per line). Then, press Add.

For Associate Members (including Members from INTO, St Mary's and Stranmillis), just email us with their name and email address and we'll add them to your Membership List.

Remember that you must also include committee members on your Membership List. People often forget to add them in, but they're Members too!

  • How can committees contact their Members?


You should use the online admin system to send emails to your members - it's quick, easy, and lets you see interesting statistics (including how many people actually read your message!). Check out the messaging guidance here. This means you don't need to keep a separate mailing list, as everyone's email addresses are already held within the system.

Remember that any personal data you collect (e.g. student numbers) must be kept safe and secure at all times, and only ever used for the explicit reason it was collected. Only collect personal information that you need, and make sure to read our guidance on Data Protection very carefully.

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