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The University holds a range of insurance cover in order to its meet statutory requirements, to comply with contractual obligations, and to manage the risk of financial loss arising from business activities.

Recognised and authorised activities of University Clubs and Societies can also be covered by the University’s insurance, and some examples of this are outlined below:


  • Evidence of Public Liability Insurance will often be required when the activities of Clubs and Societies involve external organisations. 
    Where confirmation of Public Liability Insurance is required, you should contact the Clubs and Societies team to obtain the relevant information.

    Often you will be asked to provide a certificate to prove that your Club or Society has this kind of insurance when you hire an external facility for an event, or when you travel to another institution to take part in a competition or intervarsity.


  • Travel insurance cover will apply to officially recognised Clubs and Societies trips outside the UK and Ireland.

    Trips to be covered by the University travel insurance must be notified to the University Insurance Section in advance of travel commencing by completion of a Travel Notification Form. You should also follow the guidance on booking and paying for travel carefully. See here for more detail.

    There are policy exclusions (things that will not be covered) on the University's travel insurance. These include loss or injury due to undertaking activities deemed by the insurers to be 'hazardous' (e.g. extreme sports), some instances of loss of personal items, and any disruption caused by Covid-19. You should read through the information under Policy Exclusions here and make sure that your trip participants are fully aware of these exclusions.

    Please remember that any transport or accommodation booked directly by individuals is at their own personal risk and won't be covered by the University's travel insurance. Make sure that this is clear to your members if they're booking their own flights, for example.

  • Motor insurance cover is provided for hire vehicles used to facilitate the activities of Clubs and Societies. The vehicles must be obtained locally from Enterprise or Comber Commercial, and paid for from the Club / Society account by submitting a TAF to the Finance Office.

    For the University motor insurance to apply, Driver Authorisation Forms must be completed and submitted to the University Insurance Section in advance of vehicles being driven. 

    Please note that if a member uses their own vehicle to facilitate the activities of their Club or Society, the University motor insurance cover does not apply. The member will need to confirm that their own motor insurance cover will apply.

    If a vehicle is hired and paid for by another University department, that department is responsible for ensuring that adequate motor insurance is in place. The hiring department is also responsible for any additional charges incurred (e.g. damage to the hire vehicle).


It should be noted that the University does not have Personal Injury insurance cover. Before undertaking activities as part of a Club or Society, you should consider if personal injury insurance cover is necessary. You should then check whether it is provided through your personal affiliation with an external professional or governing body, or whether you wish to make your own arrangements to obtain personal injury insurance.


When the University’s insurance cover is applicable to the activities of University Clubs and Societies the cover is provided free of charge.


If you require further details in relation to insurance cover held by the University, please contact the University Insurance Section.

When it comes to insurance, no question is too small. If in doubt - just ask!

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