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Booking Travel


Clubs & Societies travel

All Clubs & Societies are allowed to organise trips away for their members. Any payments or bookings for trips away must be organised through the SU Finance Office, and must complete an Offsite Travel Form at least seven days before you leave.

Trips within the UK or Ireland

You can organise your transport and accommodation as direct payments to suppliers by submitting a TAF to the SU Finance Office. For example, you could make a payment directly to your chosen hotel by entering their supplier details on the TAF and submitting this to the team in the SU Finance Office.

You also have the option to book through CTM, the University's contracted travel management company (see below).

Trips outside the UK or Ireland

For all travel outside the UK or Ireland, you must make arrangements through CTM, the University's contracted travel management company. You cannot book direct with transport or accommodation providers for international travel. CTM will manage this for you and will be there for you to contact any time if there any issues during your trip. You will pay an additional booking fee to CTM when booking any international trips.

How to use CTM

CTM offer their service to Clubs and Societies over email. You need to contact them with your trip requirements so that they can make the bookings for you. The process you need to follow is below:

  1. Fill in the CTM booking form as a Word document with as much detail as you can provide. Don't worry about some of the sections for staff (e.g. staff number, project code etc.) You can just leave these blank. When you enter the details of your travellers, you can add lines to the table on the form to fit everybody in.

  2. Email your completed form to The email must include:​​
    - the subject line "Queen's Club and Society Travel"
    - your budget for the travel - CTM need this in order to find options which you can afford. If you're not sure of your exact budget, give a rough idea of what you're planning for
    - any details around your preferred accommodation options for your trip

  3. Send the email from your Queen's Club / Society email address (e.g. and copy in two members of staff from the SU Finance Office (; CTM cannot process your request without the SU staff being copied in.

  4. Keep an eye on your inbox - CTM will email you back to discuss your travel arrangements and offer you some options. Once you've confirmed what you'd like to book, the SU Finance Office will organise the payment directly over email - you do not need to submit a TAF.

  5. Once everything is booked, all the travellers who you included on the booking form will receive confirmation emails.

  6. Enjoy your trip!

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