Risk Assessments and Travel


If your Club/Society is planning to travel off campus you must fill in an Offsite Travel Form with at least two working days' notice before you are due to depart. So if you leave on a Friday evening or over the weekend, you must submit your Offsite Travel Form by Thursday morning at the latest. There is a specific process in place for Mystery Tours which requires a specialised form, a Risk Assessment and one week's notice.


The Offsite Travel Form only takes a few minutes to fill out and will be checked off by the Clubs and Societies team. You may be asked for a risk assessment, if appropriate. 

Remember that you need to read through the information on Selective Travel in advance if you are booking any transport or accommodation for your trip.

Offsite Travel Form


You must complete an Offsite Travel Form if you are travelling as a QUBSU Club or Society to an off-site event or going on a trip.

You must complete and submit the Off-Site Travel Form online with at least one working day's notice before you are due to depart.

Don’t forget to:

  • Complete the form in full

  • Include the name and emergency contact number for each person attending the trip.

  • Include the name and emergency contact number for the lead contacts, both on the trip and not.


Don’t forget, lead committee members must get in touch with Alice, the Clubs & Societies Coordinator following all offsite trips to confirm the outcome of the event or activity.

Risk Assessments


All Clubs & Societies must consider the risks of their events and activities and complete a Risk Assessment where appropriate.

Events on campus that require Risk Assessments include performances such as fashion shows or variety showcases, events involving catering/hot food, events where members of the public will be in attendance, and anything involving high-risk equipment or activity. Off-campus, risk assessments are required for activities such as mountaineering, hiking and caving expeditions, pub crawls, and certain sporting events. If in doubt, just email the Clubs and Societies team who will advise.


Any Clubs or Societies undertaking an event or activity requiring a Risk Assessment must submit this documentation to the Clubs and Societies team with at least two full working days' notice.

Guidance on Completing Risk Assessments

If you've never completed a Risk Assessment before, it can seem daunting - but don't panic. All Risk Assessments you submit to the Clubs and Societies team are checked over by staff who will help to keep you right.

The first thing you need to do is enter some basic details (e.g. the name of your Club or Society, a description of the activity being assessed, some contact info). Then in Step 1, tick beside every risk that could apply to your activity. There is space on the right hand side column to add in any additional risks. Step 2 is where you outline how certain risks could emerge, how severe the risks are, and what steps you'll take as event organisers to minimise that risk. Then in Step 3, you sign off on a declaration that the risks identified are acceptable.

If you ever need any additional help, just ask the Clubs and Societies team.


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