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Club / Society travel continues to be impacted by the ongoing Covid-19 pandemic. Please plan any trips carefully and with the current government guidance on travel in mind. Please chat to the team as you plan any trips away.

If your Club / Society is planning to travel off campus you must fill in an Offsite Travel Form with at least two working days' notice before you are due to depart. So if you leave on a Friday evening or over the weekend, you must submit your Offsite Travel Form by Thursday morning at the latest. There is a specific process in place for Mystery Tours which requires a specialised form, a Risk Assessment and one week's notice.


The Offsite Travel Form only takes a few minutes to fill out and will be checked by the Clubs and Societies team. You may be asked for a risk assessment, if appropriate. 

Remember that you need to read through the information on Booking Travel in advance if you are booking any transport or accommodation for your trip.


Before travelling on any Club / Society trips, you must research and carefully review the rules around Covid testing, providing proof of test results and / or vaccination status, and isolation periods at both your departure location and at the destination of your trip.

If someone tests positive before or during your trip, they will most likely be required to self-isolate until they test negative before they can travel.

If this happens, the individual is personally responsible for organising and paying for their own isolation accommodation. These costs will not be covered by the University's travel management company.

You must make sure that all of your trip attendees are aware of this before you allow them to attend your trip. You will be asked to confirm this on the Offsite Travel Form.

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