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Keeping Your Club/Society Active

Using your Club / Society inbox

All Clubs and Societies are provided with an official Queen's University email address for the committee to use. It'll look something like "".

The executive committee of your Club / Society (that's the Chairperson, Secretary, and Treasurer) should all have access to this inbox. Other committee members may also use the inbox, with the agreement of the executive committee. If you want to change the password, just email the Clubs and Societies team.

You should use this email address for all Club / Society business, including emailing out to your members. Just make sure to carefully follow the GDPR guidance here. You should always use the BCC line when emailing multiple recipients. 

Important information from the SU will be sent to your official Club / Society email address, not to

individual committee members. It's the committee's responsibility to regularly check this inbox. 

You can log in to your Club / Society inbox in the same way as your QUB student email. On a browser, just click here.

Where it asks you for 'Student / Staff No.', you should enter the inbox username, not the email address. Your username will be a shortened version of your Club / Society name and does not include ''. If you don't know your username, just email us to ask.

You then enter the password in the password box as normal and you should have access!

Lost the password or can't access your inbox?

We can help if ever lose your password or if you don't have access to a Club / Society email address for any other reason. Similarly, we can investigate any login problems you might encounter.

Just email the team and let us know on or

Keep in mind that only currently registered executive committee members will be provided with access to the inbox.

How to log in to your Club / Society inbox

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