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Keeping Your Club/Society Active

Using your Club / Society inbox

All Clubs and Societies are provided with an official Queen's University email address for the committee to use. It'll look something like "".

Your Chairperson (and Vice-Chairperson if you have one), Secretary, and Treasurer should all regularly check this inbox. Other committee members may also use the inbox, with the agreement of the executive committee. The executive committee just need to email us on or to request this.

You should use this email address for all Club / Society business, including emailing out to your members. Just make sure to carefully follow the data protection guidance here. You should always use the BCC line when emailing multiple recipients. 

Important information from the SU will be sent to your official Club / Society email address, not to

individual committee members. It's the committee's responsibility to regularly check this inbox. 

How to access your Club / Society inbox

There is no password for your Club / Society inbox. Access is added directly to your student email account when you sign up online as Chairperson, Vice-Chairperson, Secretary, or Treasurer for a Club / Society. You will only have access to the Club / Society inbox during your committee term (i.e. from 1 August to 31 July that committee year). 

Other committee members can be added to the inbox, but the executive committee need to request this from the SU in writing. The other committee members must have registered online here before they can be added to the inbox.

Once your access to the Club / Society inbox has been organised, you need to add the inbox to your student email account by following the guidance below:

Unfortunately, the built-in Mail app on iPhones doesn't support these inboxes, but if you use the Outlook mobile app instead, it will work for you. Once added, the Club / Society inbox will show up as a shared mailbox on your Outlook account, making it quick and easy to keep an eye on your emails.

Issues with your inbox?

We can help if you ever have any issues accessing your Club / Society email address. Please let us know promptly as it's often quite simple for us to fix issues once we know about them. It's really helpful if you can include screenshots of any issues or errors you encounter.

If you do have ever issues, just email the team and on or

We can also help with updating your email address and display name if you ever vote to amend the name of your Club / Society.

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