Keeping Your Club/Society Active

The QUBSU website has recently transitioned all Clubs and Societies webpages to our new platform, created by MSL.​ This is a brilliant new system which allows for a much wider range of content options and more customisation than ever before!

You can now find the full directory here.

Club / Society committee members who have signed up online can log in at and directly edit their own webpages. Changes will be published immediately as long as you remember to hit Save or Submit before leaving the editing page.

You can find full guidance on editing your webpages in your Club / Society inbox, by emailing the team, or by checking out the MSL support web resources here.

Remember to be mindful of anything you post online on behalf of your Club / Society. Assume anything you post will be available publicly and permanently. You should also review the Student Social Media Policy (which applies to Club / Society webpages, websites, and social media account) on a regular basis, and remember that the Student Code of Conduct, and all other Queen's policies, apply. This includes the likes of the Equality and Diversity Policy, and the Anti-Bullying and Harassment Policy.

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