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Storage for Clubs and Societies

Clubs and Societies can make use of the designated Store in the Students' Union to store equipment and other Club / Society belongings.

Access to the Store is strictly supervised by staff. The Store is locked and students are not permitted to enter the Store unaccompanied. 

As such, you need to let us know if you need access to the Store. You can email the team on /, or if you need access over the evenings and weekends. We are happy to supervise access on a 'drop-in' basis, subject to staff availability. We may not always be available so we would ask you to set up a time with us in advance wherever possible.

If you need to spend significant time in the Store (e.g. to inventory your items or go through boxes and bags), you must set up a time in advance. This is because staff need to be available to accompany you to the Store.

When you enter the Store, please do not take or disrupt any other Club / Society's items. You should keep track of where your items - we recommend that committee members share photos of your items if anything has been moved / taken / added.

You must clearly label any items going into the Store with your Club / Society name, and please try to keep all of your items together in a labelled box. Unlabelled items may be removed by SU staff.

Do not leave high-value or expensive items in the Store. Personally owned items are not permitted to be kept in the Store and the SU does not accept responsibility for any personal items left in this area.

Some Sporting Clubs may also be able to make use of equipment storage space in the PEC. Please organise this in advance as space is limited.

Please be mindful of available storage space before buying new Club / Society equipment. The Store is a limited space which is shared across all Clubs and Societies. Please let us know in advance if you are expecting a large delivery.

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