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Starting a New Club or Society


Why Set Up a New Club or Society?

Any student at Queen's can propose a new Club or Society. Maybe you've spotted a gap in our range of Sporting Clubs, or you can't find a Society dedicated to your favourite hobby. There are all kinds of reasons to start a new Club or Society - you could... 

  • Meet new friends and have fun

  • Take a well-earned break from your university work

  • Travel to different places and social events

  • Pick up new talents and skills

  • Improve your experience and employability

  • Be recognised for your hard work through accreditations such as Degree Plus or Millenium Volunteers

  • Decide what kind of Club or Society you would like to start, and what its name will be. Remember to check the full list of current Clubs and Societies here first to make sure that your idea for a Club or Society doesn't already exist.

  • Do some paperwork! 

    Find 15 or more current Queen's students who support the idea of the new Club or Society, and fill in the Founding Petition template linked below with their names and student ID numbers.

    Write up a Constitution for the new Club or Society. This is basically a document which outlines what the main goals and activities of the new Club or Society will be, and the rules for how it will run. The SU has a standard Constitution template which you simply edit to fit your idea. Just remember that some elements cannot be changed (see the template below).

    Create a Development Plan for the first year of the new Club or Society. Again, we provide a simple template which you just need to fill in to tell us what kinds of activities you envision to get your new Club or Society started.​


  • Submit all of your paperwork as Word documents to (for new Sporting Clubs) or (for new Societies) and wait for a response. You might be asked to make some amendments before the new idea can be considered. Please do not submit your documents as PDFs or as links to shared files, as it's often difficult or impossible for us to edit these files.

  • Bring your new Club or Society proposal to Students' Union Council Standing Committee. This committee meets about 6 times a year, usually about a week or two before Students' Union Council. At the meeting, you will be asked to give a 1-2 minute introduction to your idea, and then answer some questions.

  • The Standing Committee will then decide whether or not your proposal should be ratified by Students' Union Council; what kind of Club or Society it should be categorised as; and whether any changes need to be made to the proposal. If all goes well, your new Club or Society will be officially recognised at the next meeting of Students' Union Council. Woohoo!

Any proposals received after the last Students' Union Council meeting of the academic year will be considered at the start of the new semester. This means you have all summer to gather student support and write a brilliant Constitution and Development Plan.

How to Set Up a New Club or Society

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