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Selective Travel


Travel continues to be impacted by the ongoing Covid-19 pandemic and students should refer to the information on Selective Travel's website here.


We are unlikely to recover costs from Insurance if travel is subsequently cancelled due to later (or extended) Coronavirus travel restrictions nor can we claim through our insurers if a company (airline/hotel etc.) goes bankrupt. 

Advance approval is required for international travel and Selective Travel will require proof of approval before payments are made. Clubs and Societies must provide the SU will details of any planned international travel well in advance (and with at least two weeks' notice) of their intended departure date.

What is Selective Travel?

Selective Travel is a travel management company which supports Queen's staff and students in booking transport and accommodation.

For Clubs and Societies, Selective Travel will help you find, book, and process payment for all things related to travel - covering both how you travel (i.e. flights and transportation) and where you stay once you arrive (i.e. hostels, hotels, and other accommodation). They will charge a booking fee each time you make a booking through them.

When your Club/Society makes a booking with Selective Travel, they will make a record of who is travelling, the details of the trip, and emergency contact information. This is because the University aims to ensure that its staff and students remain safe and healthy during any trips in connection with the University. The University expects all members of staff or students to ensure that any travel arrangements are made with their safety and well-being as the ultimate priorities, and that they conduct a travel risk assessment of the potential hazards of the country, or region they propose to visit. This is why we require you to complete an Offsite Travel Form in advance of all trips.

As part of this, Selective Travel will provide a 24/7 emergency contact number to assist University staff or students who experience flight or accommodation cancellations. In the event of a significant event, which is likely to impact University staff or students travelling (e.g. earthquake, civil unrest etc.), Selective Travel will notify the University of those staff or students impacted and the actions they are taking to ensure their travel arrangements are modified where this is necessary.

You must contact Selective Travel any time to you intend to book transport or accommodation for a Club/Society activity outside the UK and Ireland.

However, within the UK and Ireland you have the option to book transport and accommodation directly with the providers. Be aware that Selective Travel may have negotiated preferential rates for Queen's bookings, and offer a high standard of customer care for all travellers on their bookings. Any bookings you make directly with providers are at the travellers' own risk. 

You can contact Selective Travel by calling 028 9044 2073 or emailing Their office hours are Mon-Fri, 8.30am - 6pm.

  1. As soon as you begin thinking about Club/Society travel, you should consider contacting Selective Travel with the basic details. As above, you may book transport and accommodation with the UK and Ireland yourself, or you may book it through Selective. Outside the UK and Ireland, you must book through Selective.

  2. If booking through Selective Travel, get in touch with them to provide the dates and location of your trip. They will then research possible transport and/or accommodation options for you and come back to you with a choice of quotations (prices).

    OR - you can do independent research first and then contact Selective Travel to provide them with this information.

  3. Once you've settled on what you want to book, and at what price, call into the Finance Office to submit a Transaction Authorisation Form (TAF) for the purchase. ​

    • For payments to Selective, once your TAF is submitted a Purchase Order (PO) for your purchase is generated. You need to wait until Selective Travel receives this PO before the booking can be confirmed. You can chat to Selective to confirm the details and check that they have received the PO. They will then place the booking with the transport/accommodation provider(s) for you. 

  4. Complete your Offsite Travel Form for the trip, at least two full working days before you depart.

  5. Enjoy your trip! Remember that Selective Travel has a duty of care over your Club/Society during your trip. They will be able to help with things like flight or hotel cancellations, and will provide guidance on safety in the areas you plan to visit.

Other helpful information

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