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Safety at Events


As committee members, you have a serious responsibility for running your Club / Society activities in a safe and responsible way.

The easiest way to plan events safely is to make sure to submit a Risk Assessment to the Clubs and Societies team with plenty of notice. We will help to finalise your plans and give you any pointers on health and safety.

Fire Safety at Events

If a fire alarm sounds while Covid-19 social distancing guidelines are still in place, take care to assemble at the gather point while maintaining an appropriate distance between yourself and others.

At every event you plan, you need to think about fire safety and ask yourself the following questions:

  1. Have you completed a fire risk assessment?

  2. Is there an emergency / fire escape plan in place?

  3. Are all escape routes available with no escape widths reduced or blocked?

  4. Are there any special effects in use like smoke / pyrotechnics / haze?

  5. Have you considered attendees with accessibility requirements e.g. wheelchair users?

You should also check that:

  • The room capacity is suitable for the event

  • The event is accessible to attendees with different mobility levels and abilities

  • Security is aware if you’re using rooms out of hours

  • You are aware of what to do if fire alarm goes off – especially ensuring that everyone has evacuated out of hour

If you ever have any questions about fire safety, just contact the Clubs and Societies team. We work closely with Queen's fire safety officers and can seek their support on any event plan.

In an Emergency

Queen's Security is on duty at all times and be contacted on 028 9097 5099, or 2222 in an emergency from an internal phone.

If you ever need to call the emergency services from an internal phone, you need to include an extra 9 at the start to dial out - so dial 9999. You should then inform Queen's Security that the emergency services are coming as they will coordinate with them directly.

Running Events Safely

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