Right to Work checks

As a UK employer, Queen's University has a responsibility to prevent illegal working. UK employers must only employ those with the right to work in the UK and in the role in question. What this means is that we are required to check all prospective employees to ensure that they have the right to work here.​

When Clubs and Societies pay individuals (e.g. coaches, workshop leaders, speakers), those individuals are paid using the balance in your Club/Society account by the Finance Office. As the Students' Union is part of Queen's University, we are responsible for ensuring that every individual we pay in this way has the right to work in the UK.

What does this mean for you?

It means that every time your Club/Society intends to pay a new individual for work, your committee must contact the Clubs and Societies Coordinator on or to arrange an in-person Right to Work check. You should fill out the proforma linked below and attach it to the email.

The individual to be paid must then come to the SU in person, with original copies of the documents which prove their Right to Work in the UK. You can find the full list of appropriate documents under Step 1 here. Something like a driving licence is not sufficient, as while it shows photographic ID, it does not prove the individual's right to work.

At the check, the Clubs and Societies Coordinator will meet the individual, fill in some paperwork, and take a photocopy of the relevant documents. These records are then stored securely in a locked cabinet for two years from the date of the individual's last payment. After two years, the records are shredded and no copies are retained.

If a Right to Work check is not carried out before the work happens, the SU will not able to process payment for the individual.

Due to the ongoing pandemic, individuals may email the Clubs and Societies Coordinator with clear scans of their relevant documents, rather than attending an in-person appointment.