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Keeping Your Club/Society Active


Your Club / Society must produce a few key pieces of documentation each year to maintain its status as a recognised Club / Society of Queen’s University. If you don't make sure to submit these documents when they're requested, your Club / Society will be deemed inactive and placed under temporary suspension. 

  1. Constitution – this is basically a set of rules which your Club / Society has to abide by. All committee members should know what it contains and have access to a copy. If it needs redrafted or you want to change certain aspects of it, please use the Constitution Template that we've developed.

  2. Membership List – For your Club / Society to exist, it must have an active membership list which includes at least 15 currently registered students at Queen's. You must keep this up to date at all times during the year. Your Membership List must record the details outlined here.

  3. Development Plan – This sets out what you want to do in the upcoming year. These will be submitted annually as part of your grant application. If you don't submit a grant application, you can use the template here instead.

  4. Annual Report – this is a report on the activity for the previous year. These must be submitted annually to the Clubs and Societies team before 30th June.  You can find the Annual Report template below.

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