Online Payments

Clubs and Societies at Queen's have the option to use Fixr to offer online payments for their members. 

This can include membership fees, ticket sales, or hoodie collections - basically anything which requires you to collect money from your members.

Any income is then transferred into your Club / Society funds on a weekly basis.

Be mindful that there is a booking fee of 2.5% + 50p on each payment. So for a £30 formal ticket, each member would pay £31.25, with £30 going to your funds and £1.25 going to Fixr. You should consider this carefully when deciding if Fixr would work for your Club / Society.

If you would like to use Fixr, do not set up your own account. Just drop the team an email on or and we will organise this for you. This allows Fixr to immediately link your new account with the SU financial system. 

Do not add any banking information to your Fixr account, even if it prompts you to do so. As long as you have emailed us first, Fixr automatically knows where to transfer your funds.