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Mystery Tours Protocol


All Clubs and Societies proposing to host a ‘Mystery Tour’ event (or similar) must:

  • Submit a detailed Risk Assessment and a Mystery Tour Offsite Travel Form to the Clubs and Societies team no less than one week prior to the event.

  • Ensure that all documentation has been submitted and authorised by the Students’ Union Director, no later than 24 hours prior to the planned event.

  • Ensure that all monies collected in relation to the event are processed via the Clubs and Societies Finance Office in the Students’ Union.

Clubs and Societies should note that:

  • Failure to submit any of the above documentation within the stated deadlines will result in authorisation being denied. In such circumstances, the relevant Purchase Order shall be cancelled and the planned event should not proceed – organisers and / or office bearers may be subject to disciplinary action should they proceed with an unauthorised Mystery Tour event (or similar).

  • All attendees at Mystery Tours that are organised by Queen’s University Clubs and Societies must be currently registered Students of Queen’s University Belfast.



  • All transport for Mystery Tours (or similar) must be booked via the University approved tendering process.

  • All transport requirements shall be booked via the Students’ Union Clubs and Societies Finance Office. The appropriate Purchase Order Form for the transport company will not be approved until the completed Risk Assessment and Mystery Tours Offsite Travel Form have been submitted.

  • Alcohol must not be consumed on buses. Event Stewards must report any deviation from this rule. Individual students who consume alcohol on buses may be subject to disciplinary action.

Event Stewarding

  • There shall be a minimum of two Stewards on each bus.

  • Stewards shall not consume alcohol during the Mystery Tour event.

  • All Stewards must be supplied with a list of the names and student numbers of all attendees in advance of the Mystery Tour event, and will be expected to take a head count upon arrival at and departure from each venue.

  • Stewards are discouraged from intervening in any incidents of antisocial behaviour by attendees; the principal duties of Stewards are to record student name and numbers and to record details of all incidents involving injury or damage to property.

  • Clubs and Societies may wish to instruct all participants to sign a disclaimer, indemnifying the Club or Society in relation to any responsibility or liability that may arise whatsoever.

  • Within three days of the Mystery Tour event in question having taken place, a representative from the Stewards will provide a written report to the Clubs and Societies team regarding the event.

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