Committee Responsibilities

Marketing your Club/Society

The official Clubs and Societies A-Z list on QUBSU website

The best way to market your Club/Society is to make sure it's on the official A-Z Clubs and Societies list on the QUBSU website. This is the first place Queen’s students will look when trying to decide which Club/Society they should join. It's also the most popular section of the QUBSU website by far!


If you want to be put on this A-Z list, or make any amendments to an existing profile, just email the team on for sporting clubs or for all societies.

Ideally each Club and Society should have a ~400 word description of what its main aims and objective are, and what it does throughout the year. Please also provide links to any social media accounts or websites run by your Club/Society.

Club/Society Email Account
Every Club and Society is given an official email account ending ''. If you do not have access to this account, just email or from your personal email and the team will get it sorted for you. This goes for lost passwords too!

You need to check this account regularly as it's where all official communication will be sent, as well as any students who are interested in joining.


If you think you’d like a blog, just fill in the request form here.


Posters & Flyers

If you’d like to display posters or flyers in the Students’ Union, you can. Just give us a shout first so that we can review and approve your poster artwork.

You can either:

  • Email your design to or the Clubs and Societies Coordinator

  • Pop into the staff office on Level 2 of SU Elmwood with a copy of the poster


Once you have received the green light, simply:

  • Head down to Reception

  • Ask them to stamp the back of your posters

  • Pop them up on the grey noticeboards around your Union. Easy!


We do ask that you only put up a maximum of five posters – we need to leave space for other Clubs & Societies! If you’d like to leave some flyers you can leave up to 100 a week. Please don't use blu-tac or sellotape on any walls as it takes the paint off when removed - not ideal.



Logo Alert

Make sure your logo is unique to your Club/Society and doesn't plagiarize the University's current or previous brand identity in any way. Send a copy of it to your Clubs and Societies Coordinator for approval if you make any changes. The University's suppliers will not print Club/Society logos that haven't been approved.

Social media

If you would like your Club/Society social media to be linked to the Queen’s University website just email

Our Marketing Manager will check it off for you and then you will be guided by the Clubs and Societies Coordinator to fill in a directory form which will allow you to be put on the university’s website.

Remember that the Student Social Media Policy applies to Club/Society social media accounts.

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