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Committee Responsibilities


Marketing your Club or Society

It's time to tell the world how brilliant your Club / Society is! 

Make sure people know what you do, how to join, and the best way to contact your committee. A responsive, up-to-date online presence will be invaluable in growing and strengthening your Club / Society. So how do you get the word out?

1. The SU A-Z list

The single best way to market your Club or Society is to make sure it's on the A-Z Clubs and Societies list on the QUBSU website. This is the first place people will look when they want to learn more about your Club / Society. It's also the most popular section of the QUBSU website by far - so get involved!


Registered committee members can edit their webpages by logging in at Make sure to click the Student Login button and log in with your normal student details (not your Club / Society login). Then, just clicking on the Admin dropdown which appears in the top-left and find your Club / Society. This will take you to your Admin Tools, where you can use the Edit Details button to updated most areas of your webpage. You can also add a scrolling photo gallery by emailing the image files to the Clubs and Societies team - just make sure they're in jpeg format and no bigger than 5 MB each. You find helpful guidance from MSL on customising your webpage here and here.


You have a lot of freedom in designing your webpage and populating it with content. Get creative!

2. Use your official Club / Society email account


Every Club and Society is given an official email account ending ''. If you don't have access to your official account, or if you've just forgotten the password, just email the team and we'll get the login reset for you.

It's the committee's job to to check this account regularly. It's where all official communication will be sent, and it's where students who are interested in joining will make contact with you. Check out more guidance in our Using Your Email section.

3. Social Media

Once your Club / Society has been ratified by SU Council, you can set up social media accounts on various platforms to help spread the word and foster a community amongst your members.

When creating a new Club / Society social media account, make sure to follow the steps below:

  • Email the team on or to let us know the details of the account. Send us the link and we'll add it to your webpage on the QUBSU website.

  • Ensure that your Chairperson, Secretary, and Treasurer all have access to the account. These three committee members will be held responsible for maintaining the account and running it in accordance with all relevant policies. When handing over to a new committee in the summer, email us to confirm the details of all social media accounts that have been passed to the new executive committee. This should be complete by 1st August every year.

  • Name and describe the account according to the guidance issued by the University:

    • Always start your account name or handle with 'QUB', e.g. @QUBEnglishSociety. This helps differentiate your account from other organisations with the name Queen's, and keeps all QUB accounts consistent and easy to find. If you can't use 'QUB' at the start of the name, include it at the end instead. 

    • In the description box or bio, you should always clearly state the remit of the account and make it clear that engaging with content does not equate to endorsement. 

Remember that the Student Social Media Policy applies to Club and Society social media accounts, as well as any other conduct policies laid out by the University. You should always take care when posting online and assume that everything you post is public and permanent.



4. Printed marketing

You can use your Recurrent Grant funding (or Own Funds) towards all kinds of printed material to help promote your Club / Society events, activities, sign-ups, and more.

When hanging posters or leaving flyers in any building, please ask the staff first and be mindful of where you choose for your poster. Lots of buildings on campus will have dedicated noticeboards for you to use, so please don't stick posters on walls - and definitely don't use blu-tac, sellotape, or any other adhesive which could damage paintwork or the fabric of the building.

If you’d like to display posters or flyers in the Students’ Union, just give us a shout first so that we can review and approve your poster artwork. You can either:

  • Email your design to the Clubs and Societies team

  • Pop into the staff office on Level 1 of the SU with a copy of the poster for review

  • Then, just get your poster stamped at the SU Reception desk before you put it up.


We do ask that you only put up posters on our dedicated posterboards – not on any walls, pillars, or windows! If you’d like to leave some flyers, SU Reception will let you know where you can leave these.


Logo Warning

Make sure your logo is an original design and doesn't plagiarize the SU's or the University's current or previous brand identity in any way. Send a copy of your design to the Clubs and Societies team for approval if you make any changes. 

If you want to use the SU or University logo on any online or printed material, you must seek explicit permission first, and any Club / Society clothing which includes the University crest or logo must be embroidered in line with the Branding Guidelines.

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