FundIt is an annual competition for some bonus funding from the SU. FundIt can help your Club/Society with some extra cash towards an event, programme, or other initiative that you'd like to run in Semester Two.

We usually have around £4,000 of funding to give to Clubs & Societies, who can each win up to £500. The first step is an online application, and then an in-person pitch presentation if you are successfully shortlisted.

FundIt applications open before the Winter Break, with pitch presentations in early January.


Awards will be made to a Club or Society if they can demonstrate the following:


  • They have an active committee with president, secretary and treasurer signed up online and in the Clubs & Societies Finance Office

  • They have an up to date membership list

  • They use the Clubs & Societies Finance Office regularly

  • The programme, event or initiative benefits their members in as many ways as possible

  • A full financial breakdown of how the funding will be used and the associated costs should be submitted


The FundIt programme will not support applications that include the following:


  • Individual requests for maintenance fees or scholarships

  • Project staff costs

  • Political, charitable or religious societies

  • Direct donations to charities


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