Impact of the Covid-19 pandemic

Over the last number of months, almost all aspects of Club / Society activity have been impacted by coronavirus-related restrictions and uncertainty. The current government guidance is continually changing so we must all remain vigilant and ensure that the health and safety of our Clubs and Societies members is top priority.

As you know, the University has undertaken significant measures in response to the pandemic, including closing many areas of campus and moving to remote learning and working where possible. While the SU building is now open, staff are still working at home some of the time. This means that email is the best way to contact the team: or

As we look forward, there may be opportunities for some Club / Society activity to return.​ 

Before returning to any kind of Club / Society activity, all committees must complete and submit a Covid-19 Risk Assessment (CRA). Within the CRA, the committee must demonstrate that all current government guidance, including social distancing requirements, can be safely and consistently adhered to for the duration of the activity. Activities which do not meet these requirements cannot go ahead.

No activity can take place until the CRA has been submitted to the SU and reviewed by a member of the team. You should send your CRA to (for sporting clubs) or (for societies).

Certain activities may also require the submission of a standard Risk Assessment. Remember that for any activity involving children or vulnerable adults, you must carefully review our Safeguarding information and make contact with the Clubs and Societies team before any activity takes place.

Across the University, different departments are centralising all coronavirus updates in their Frequently Asked Questions sections. These are being continually updated and you should keep an eye on each page as the situation develops.

Planning for a return to Club / Society activity

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