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Staying safe 

While the Covid-19 pandemic isn't over, we are pleased that Clubs and Societies can meet and run activities in-person. You and your members may want to be mindful of the government's guidance on staying safe. For example:

  • keep testing and self-isolate if required

  • get vaccinated

  • meet outdoors where you can, and keep indoor spaces well ventilated

  • wash your hands

  • wear a face covering

  • keep your distance from others

  • limit your close contacts

  • consider your personal risk outside your home

Remember that you can access SU support by calling in to the building, emailing the team on and, and contacting the Finance Office on

If you want to call in to the building to see a specific staff member, you should organise an appointment in advance as staff are continuing to work flexibly between home and campus.

Outdoors activities

The risk of transmission is much lower outdoors than indoors, so we would encourage you to hold your activities outdoors wherever possible. You should still keep your distance from others and maintain good hand and respiratory hygiene practices at outdoors activities.

Indoors activities

When indoors, you should try to maintain 2 metre social distancing, or 1 metre distancing with other mitigations in place (i.e. good ventilation, open windows and doors, face coverings, frequent cleaning of surfaces, good hand hygiene).

Additional Sporting guidance

Some Sporting Clubs may be affiliated to a National Governing Body (NGB) with specific measures or guidance for their sport. If you're not sure if you have an NGB or how to contact them, just drop us an email on

You should include Covid-19 transmission as a hazard on any activity Risk Assessments, or you can use the template below:

Remember that Covid-19 is not the only risk to consider when planning Club / Society events. If there is any chance of someone becoming otherwise injured or ill at your activity, you should also submit a standard Risk Assessment. If your activity may involve anyone aged under 18 or any vulnerable adults, you must carefully review our Safeguarding information and make contact with the Clubs and Societies team before any activity takes place.

More information about Covid-19

Risk assessing Club and Society activity

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