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Contracted Suppliers

The University has some specific purchasing contracts in place for Clubs/Societies. What these contracts mean is that you must approach these specific suppliers as described below. If you approach another company instead, the Finance Office will not be able to process your TAF and you will not be able to proceed with the payment.


Catering, including Domino's and Clements

Coach, Minibus, and Car Hire

Delivery of Goods






There is currently a contract in place for the provision of high performance garments:


High Performance Sportswear


This supplier must be approached in order for you to purchase any kind of high performance garments. This includes both playing kit and lesiurewear. If McKeever Sports is unable to fulfill your order, please ask them to confirm this in writing and then contact for further guidance.


If you're in any doubt around what constitutes 'high performance sportswear', please email and we will advise.


Branded and Non-Branded Clothing

For branded and non-branded clothing (e.g. leisure wear, society hoodies, and t-shirts), it's important that you order from a supplier who understands how to use the Queen's brand and who can provide a high standard of garment.

Sporting Clubs should always approach McKeever Sports in the first instance when ordering any kind of branded or non-branded clothing. You can find their contact details above. It's important that the Adidas brand is used consistently across all club clothing.

Societies may consider other suppliers and we encourage you to shop around to get the best value. Contact us on if you're not sure where to start.


Be aware that for orders valued at £2,500 or more, you will need to source three like-for-like quotations from different suppliers. You must provide the Finance Office with proof of all three quotations. If you cannot provide this proof, your payment will not be processed. For guidance on sourcing quotations, just drop the Clubs and Societies team an email.

If you plan to use any element of QUB brand on your clothing, please send your supplier a link to the Branding Guidelines. You must send us a copy of the design for review before you confirm your order. Any use of the QUB brand must closely follow the guidelines.




Queen’s University Belfast have a catering service and they can be contacted by emailing You should always contact Queen's Hospitality when running catered events on campus. If you wish to bring in any external caterers, this is not guaranteed and will require explicit permission from the University. You may also have to supply additional documentation (e.g. the caterers' hygiene certificates or evidence of Public Liability insurance). If you have another supplier in mind, check first to see if they have been used before by contacting our Clubs and Societies Finance Office. This will make the payment process much easier.

Clements falls under the umbrella of Queen's Hospitality, so you can make orders with them. Just make sure that you tell you them that the booking is on behalf of a Queen's Club / Society (rather than an individual) when you first contact them. This will make the payment process much simpler.

Clubs and Societies can also book catering on or off campus through Domino's. Domino's are permitted to cater on campus events, including in the SU. Please place your booking in advance by emailing You should tell them that the booking is on behalf of a QUB Club / Society when you email as there may be a discount available to you for large orders. You should then submit a TAF for the payment in the usual way.

You must not confirm any catering bookings until you've spoken to the Finance Office and arranged payment.

Coach, Minibus and Car Hire


When booking a coach or minibus, you must use one of the six registered bus suppliers for Queen’s Clubs and Societies.


If you need to book a bus, contact all the suppliers below for a quote (price). This quote will need to be provided when you are paying through the Clubs and Societies Finance Office.

Remember to ask if the company has any rules around eating snacks / drinking water on board - especially if you're planning a long journey or Mystery Tour.


Supplied by McKeever Sports

Seamus Martin

028 3839 2233

If none of the above suppliers can provide you with a quote, you may to use a different company. In this case, you must complete the following process:


  1. Email the six suppliers above asking them for a quote for the job you require and give them a reasonable time-frame to respond – usually a couple of days.

  2. If they don’t respond in the time-frame, you may approach a non-QUB registered supplier to source a quote.

  3. Make sure to check the insurance and PSV certificates of the non-QUB registered supplier. This is already done by our staff for registered suppliers.

  4. Bring the quote, proof of insurance, proof of PSV certificate, and proof of the email that you sent to the registered suppliers to the Clubs and Societies Finance Office and submit your a TAF.

When hiring a car locally, you must contact Enterprise or Comber Commercial. You must then email to request a Driver Authorisation Form. This will allow the QUB insurance to cover the hire car. If you hire from a different supplier, fail to submit a Driver Authorisation Form, or use a personal car, the QUB insurance will not apply. When using personal cars, you will need to confirm to the University's Insurance department that your own car insurance will apply.

Delivery of Goods


Goods are usually delivered to the Clubs and Societies Coordinator on the second floor of the SU. You will be emailed once a package or piece of post has arrived for your Club/Society. Make sure to follow the guidance on our Covid  FAQs when collecting deliveries.

The delivery address for Club and Society post and packages is:


[Your Club / Society name, and ideally a committee member's name if there's space]

Clubs and Societies

Queen's Students' Union

One Elmwood
1 Elmwood Avenue




Make sure to give suppliers the complete address to avoid any confusion with other Queen's buildings in and around Elmwood Avenue.

If absolutely necessary, deliveries for sporting Clubs may be sent directly to the PEC, but you should make this clear with the supplier at the point of ordering. You must also let the PEC Reception team know or they may not know who the delivery is for.



Clubs and Societies must contact Selective Travel when booking any transport or accommodation outside the UK or Ireland. You can find out more here.


Within the UK and Ireland, you can book transport and accommodation directly, but be aware that Selective Travel may have negotiated preferential rates for Queen's bookings. Any bookings you make directly are at the travellers' own risk.

Coach and Car
Delivery of Goods
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