Committee Responsibilities

Be aware that Covid-19-related closures of Queen's Sport facilities may delay the issuing of coach passes, and that normal Club training activity will likely be impacted in a variety of way. Clubs engaging coaches must ensure to share all relevant health and safety guidance, including Covid-19 Risk Assessments, with their coaches.

Registering your Coaches

If your Club has any paid or volunteer coaches you must complete a Coach Data Capture Form and return it to the SU. The Coach should provide copies of any supporting certificates or qualifications.


The Coach Data Capture Form must be signed by both the Coach and the Club Secretary, and you should ensure that Section Four (Payments) is completed in full for any paid positions.

Paying your Coaches

If your Club is paying a Coach, you need to do three things:


  1. Contact us on to organise a Right to Work check before any work is undertaken. 

  2. Ask the Finance Office for an NSP form and return this with the Coach's details filled in. You can find more detail on making NSP payments under 'Spending Money' here.

    Steps 1 and 2 only need to be completed once, the first time you pay this person.

  3. Submit a TAF for each specific payment (e.g. each monthly payment to cover hours worked that month). Do not leave coach payments until the end of the year - these should be organised on a prompt basis and regularly throughout your season. The Club committee is responsible for processing all Coach payments before the end of your committee year.


Coach Passes

Sporting Clubs which make use of the PEC are entitled to free passes for up to three registered Coaches. This pass enables each Coach to enter the PEC at Club training times, as specified by the official Club bookings. Clubs with more than three coaches must seek special permission to have additional passes issued.