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Committee Responsibilities


Registering your Coaches

If your Club has any paid or volunteer coaches, they must complete a Coach Registration Form each year. The Coach should also provide the SU team with copies of any supporting certificates or qualifications.
The Coach Registration Form can be accessed using the button below.


Paying your Coaches

For your Club to pay a Coach, please follow the guidance below:

  1. Contact the SU team on to request a Supplier Details form and a Letter of Engagement. Your Coach should complete both documents and return them to us on

  2. Your committee should then submit a TAF to the SU Finance Office for the total amount to be paid to the Coach for the whole academic year (i.e. from now until the end of July). The SU Finance Office will then supply the Coach with the Purchase Order number for their payments. Be aware that the total sum of payment for the year cannot exceed £2,500.

  3. The Coach is then responsible for submitting regular invoices to, quoting the Purchase Order number, in order for them to be paid. Your committee should agree on an invoicing scheduling with your Coach (e.g. once a month).


Coach Passes

Sporting Clubs which make use of the PEC are entitled to free passes for up to three registered Coaches (paid or volunteer). This pass enables each Coach to enter the PEC at Club training times, as specified by the official Club bookings. Clubs with more than three coaches must seek special permission to have additional passes issued.

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