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Committee Responsibilities


Charitable Activities

Many Clubs & Societies at Queen’s carry out activities that are charitable in nature. Individual Clubs & Societies are not required to register as a Charity, as their activities are covered by the University’s Charitable Status. It is therefore imperative that any fundraising or charitable activity is carried out in a professional, appropriate and transparent manner; and that all money raised for charity is lodged at the Clubs & Societies Finance Office before being sent to the charity in question. Failure to do so may lead to disciplinary action against the individual and the Club or Society.

Any charitable activities taking place on campus require prior approval by the University’s Charity Committee. Please email to apply for approval, before your activity takes place. Certain activities make not be authorised in their initial form (e.g. a charity bake sale probably won't be allowed to happen in close proximity to a campus food outlet).

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