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Committee Responsibilities


Charitable activities

Many Clubs & Societies at Queen’s carry out activities that are charitable in nature. Individual Clubs & Societies are not required to register as charities, as their activities are covered by the University’s Charitable Status.


Any fundraising or charitable activity must be carried out in a professional, appropriate, and transparent manner. Any money raised for charity must be lodged into your Club / Society account at the SU Finance Office and then donated to the charity from there.


You are also permitted to encourage people to make direct donations to a named charity as part of your Club / Society activity.

Please note that raising money for your own Club / Society (e.g. a table quiz to help pay for new Club equipment) is not considered charitable activity. 

Fundraising for a charity on campus

Any charitable or fundraising activities taking place on campus require prior approval from the University’s Charities Committee. Please email to apply for approval well in advance of your planned activity. Just be aware that some activities may not be authorised in their initial form (e.g. a charity bake sale probably won't be allowed to happen in close proximity to a campus food outlet).


RAG is the official fundraising arm of the SU. You can find out more about RAG here.

Every year, RAG supports two named charities working on important causes locally and nationally. There is an annual vote (open to all Queen's students) to select that year's charities.

Clubs & Societies are strongly encouraged to reach out RAG and work together on fundraising for this year's charities. These are the charities that Queen's students have voted to support, and you can do your bit to help raise funds for their important work.

Please contact the RAG team on to have a chat about how you can work together.

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