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Did you know that Clubs and Societies can book the Union Bar for all kinds of events? To make your booking request, have a read through the FAQs below and then fill in our super simple Bar Booking Form. The Union Bar team will then get in touch with you to finalise your booking. Enjoy! You can find photos and more info about the Union Bar on their website here.


What areas are available to book?

Clubs and Societies can book The Union Bar Annexe for events of up to 150 people. For bigger nights, you can also enquire through the bar team about booking the brand new Mandela Hall on the ground floor.

What does it cost to book?


There is no room hire fee, so all bookings start off with zero cost. A pub quiz, for example, won’t cost anything to put on. The venues are equipped with sound and lighting equipment, which can be used for the majority of events. Costs for things like sound engineers, DJs or the hire of additional equipment have to be passed on depending on what you require. Food costs for catering events are priced per-person on an event-by-event basis depending on your requirements.

How far in advance do I need to book?

Ideally a few weeks in advance but we can sometimes do a quick turnaround if you are stuck and we have space available. Space fills up quickly each semester and it’s a good idea to get organised early so you get a date you’re happy with.

Will the bar put on drinks promotions for my event?

The Union Bar is, on average, 30-40% cheaper than other bars in Belfast and always has drinks promotions running. Ask when you book and we’ll advise you which drinks will be on offer.

Can I advertise my event around the SU building?

Yes, we are more than happy to have posters put up in agreed locations. The bar can also display content on TV screens and can share Facebook content for your event to help you publicise it.

Are staff provided by the venue?

We will provide bar staff and we will have security staff there if you are running a club night. We can provide specialist support like sound and lighting engineers, or DJs, but pass that cost on to you. If you’ve sold tickets for your event you’re expected to check those tickets yourselves on the door.

How does payment work?

The Union Bar is part of the SU, so if you have to pay us for something like food, or a DJ, this is all done via the Clubs and Socs finance office. You should follow Clubs and Socs finance rules and make sure you complete any paperwork required in advance.

Bar Booking Form
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